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- 28,61%
LED tiara skulls
6,99 EUR*
4,99 EUR*
- 20,02%
LED multicolor wine cooler with remote control
99,90 EUR*
79,90 EUR*
- 37,59%
LED costume witch
39,90 EUR*
24,90 EUR*
LED rotating party light bulb, with standard E27 fitting
14,99 EUR*
LED ring Edelweiss
1,99 EUR*
Invisible UV stamp & Ink 50 ml
12,99 EUR*
LED UV Floodlight 10W COB
59,90 EUR*
- 14,33%
LED mirror ball lamp with double ball
34,90 EUR*
29,90 EUR*
- 30,06%
LED mini hat 'Clown'
4,99 EUR*
3,49 EUR*
LED fencing sword
9,99 EUR*
- 45,54%
LED mini hat metallic
5,49 EUR*
2,99 EUR*
LED sports sunglasses
4,99 EUR*
- 8,00%
UV-active neon textile paint - 5 colors set 5x60ml
24,99 EUR*
22,99 EUR*
- 16,72%
LED Mood Light Candle
2,99 EUR*
2,49 EUR*
- 25,02%
Blacklight neon wig long
15,99 EUR*
11,99 EUR*
LED multi-coloured ice cubes - 12 pieces
22,99 EUR*

Welcome at Eventlights!

Eventlights supplies anything and everything to do with glow and fun products. Our range includes glow sticks, flashing LED novelties, neon UV products, blacklight products and more. We offer products for different events such as carnivals, Halloween, Christmas etc. You will find a large range of decorations for parties and special events, like LED ice cubes, LED glasses, decoration fabrics, UV reactive make-up, LED pendants, flashers and much more. Particular highlights are our neon UV products, such as body paint, hairspray, nail polish and UV reactive paint, fabrics, which glow in black or UV light. Great bargains can always be found in the special sale category! The team hopes you enjoy browsing through the products!